New Chick Hatching Program - Watch them Grow

Finally, a real chick hatching service where you can see the chicks growing inside the eggs.

Rcom fully automatic incubatorLet the children watch the miracle of life growing in their classroom.  It's easy, exciting and eggs-ellent fun for all ages.

City Chicks provides:

  • A fully automatic incubator with telescopic viewer
  • 3 fertile isabrown eggs
  • Heated brooder box package rental option
  • Couriered to your door
  • Simple to follow instructions
  • Chicks can be adopted or returned
  • All males taken back
  • Be quick to book – only 30 packages available for 2010


Download the pdf for more information and order today!

FAX NOW TO 35110505 to confirm your ‘Watch them Grow’ experience. For any more questions, please contact us on 33006801 or email at

City Chicks has been operating its home hatching program, ‘Watch Them Grow’, successfully for 2 years. Demand has led us to offer this exciting program to schools, C & K, day care and other interested facilities.

It is a program with a difference as your children can watch an chicken embryo grow and develop over the 21 day incubation period through the state of the art LCD viewer which lights up the inside of the egg to reveal the moving embryo.

Details of service can be obtained by downloading the brochure

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