Baby Chick or Duckling Sleepover Party - 2 night SPECIAL - All year!

Have 2 ducklings or baby chicks overnight for a sleepover experience!

OUR PRICE: $55.00


About this Product


Our City Chicks 'sleepover' is specifically designed for families wanting to bring the joy of baby ducklings or chicks into their homes for a 3 day & 2 night experience.

A perfect activity for children's parties.


  • 2 cute ducklings or chicks for an overnight play date.
  • A cage, newspaper & straw, a small bag of feed, drinker & feeder
  • Information sheet on how to care for your ducklings or chicks while in your care.
  • Please note that this package means that YOU collect between 9am -2pm (Mon to Sat) or 9am - 12pm (Sun). Then, drop them back by 12pm 2 days later (if later by arrangement)
  • If you require a courier to collect and/drop off, then call us on 32026382 or email us at to book our driver. The cost for a one-way trip is $55 for the Brisbane area.


1. Place an online order & tell us the proposed date & time in the comment box at checkout.

2. We will check & confirm the date & arrange the hatch so that you get the youngest chick or duckling possible aged between 12 hours old to 14 days old depending on the time of the year. In the cooler months we will give you slightly older ones that dont require heat.

3. YOU collect the ducklings on the day of the 'Sleepover"' & return 2 days later before 2pm (Mon to Sat) or by 12 noon (Sundays).

4. Everything will be supplied to you including a secure cage lined with fresh newspaper & straw, a small bag of feed, a small drinker & a feeder. A basic information sheet will also be supplied so you know how to look after the ducklings while in your care.

This is the way to enjoy tiny ducklings or chicks without owning them!

(Please note that the ducklings and chicks will be given to you in perfect health. If a duckling or chick somehow perishes while in your care, then we will charge you the cost of the duckling or chick at $25 on top of your package cost.)


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