Avitrol Plus - 100 tablets per bottle

Give 1 -1.5 tablets per bird for a simple and complete worming solution.

OUR PRICE: $35.00


About this Product

The tablet form of Avitrol Plus means that you can be guaranteed that each of your darlings' get wormed. A small tablet into the throat will do them for 3 months unless further treatment is needed.

Only 1 tablet for a bantam and 1.5 tablets for the bigger girls. It is a lot easier than counting drops into the water. We recommend catching the girls at night and giving the tablets then so that they can't run away!

This is the easiest and most economical way to make sure you kill all worms including heartworm. Please note that there is a recommended withholding period from eating eggs from the day given of 5 days. These eggs can be thrown away.

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