Chicken Nappy - Extra Large

Stop the poo inside the house.

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About this Product

The perfect accessory for the city chicken. Straight from the catwalk to your home. Our chicken nappies are designed and made to fit most chickens and they are fitted with elastic which can be moved to fit the girth of your bird. These will fit isabrowns to light sussex hens. No roosters though as the boys are just too big (nothing to do with the size of their tackle!) The nappy is made from pure cotton so it shouldn't irritate any delicate bottoms. These look ridiculously hard to put on but as long as you have 10 fingers and sense of humour, you will be fine. They come with full instructions on how to put on and we are only a phone call away. I can talk you through my adventures like my escaping white hybrid running down the driveway with her nappy hanging from her neck. That is what happens when you want to work with highly stressed models. I settled in the end with my isabrown, Luscious Legs as my model. The nappy is fitted by lifting the long straps over the head and wingsa and then secured on the back of the chicken. The instructions on our sheet are clear and helpful.

These are made in the Dominican Republic from a group of women from disadvantaged backgrounds. We support the work of this group and are proud to sell their nappies and tututs through City Chicks.

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