Bee Hotel with Zinc Roof

Attract bees to your yard

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About this Product

Solitary bees number over 1200 species in Australia. They require a safe place in which to lay their eggs where the bee enters the cavity of the bamboo piece, lays her eggs, leaves and seals the entrance with a mud flap. The egg once incubated, hatches and the larvae grows into a juvenile and pushes through the mud flap to enter the world leaving the hotel room available for the next solitary bee looking for a private room.

This bee hotel is made from painted pine, zinc roof and bamboo pieces. Place under cover against a wall at approx 1m in height where there is morning warmth or suspended low in a tree to attract bees coming past.
Bamboo and hardwood pieces will attract Leafcutter Bees, Carpenter Bees and Blue Banded Bees esp if you have a clay piece nearby for them to nest into. 
There is a hook on the back to suspend your bee hotel.
Size: Large: 40cm x 10cm x 30

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