Isabrown - Reliably docile friendly natured hybrid layer

Child friendly daily egg layers.

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About this Product

The Isabrown backyard chicken - available at Point of Lay or as Day Old Chicks all year. Let us show you how to clip their wings to stop any low level fence flying. Our friendly personal service is second to none. 

City Chicks has been suppling the most popular breed of backyard chicken - the Isabrown to city folk since 2007. We get our chickens from the best local breeders and only choose docile natured birds with good beaks. It is all about trust. Over 9000 families to date have had our chickens in their families.  

Isabrowns have been specifically bred for the domestic, small lot, backyard market that requires a low level of excitability, good egg laying capacity, a lack of flight interest and a natural love of being around people and being picked up and cuddled.

They lay an egg a day for around 18 months and then they will decline and stop yet live to approx 5 years. We can retire your older girls to allow you to start a new flock.
The Isabrown is a cross breed between a Rhode Island Red and a white leghorn and is used around the western world for reliable egg production and for their excellent temperament with families. Their feathers are mainly red with splashes of white indispersed around the body and neck. 

They are especially recommended for urban settings. They settle very quickly into the backyard and grow to approx 30cm in height.
My children love our girls and cuddle them constantly!

The chickens are sold at point of lay and come vaccinated and wormed so you can be guaranteed of getting a healthy bird.

Buying from a small flock like ours at City Chicks means a calm, happy bird. We can help you choose everything you need to make your new chickien a happy and loved new member of your family.

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