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Snowy white feathers

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White Leghorn Hybrids 

City Chicks has become a trusted name in the backyard chicken industry helping over 9000 families to date get set up with their new family pets. That trust only comes from incredible service and quality stock. Our birds are hand chosen from only the best breeders and brought home to get ready for new families.

Leghorns take their name from the city of Leghorn, Italy, where they are considered to have originated. They tend to be a slimer, smaller bird compared to their mates, Isabrown or Australorp. They are spritely, noisy bird swith great style. Leghorns like to move about. They are good foragers and can often get much of their diet from ranging over gardens and forests.

Leghorns are capable of considerable flight and often roost in trees if given the opportunity so their wings should be clipped. Leghorns rarely go broody and are known for good egg laying. The birds we are supplying are the hybrid version crossed with an isabrown as we found the pure breeds quite flighty for the backyard. These will lay an egg a day for around 18 months, then decline and stop.
The White Leghorn Hybrid is a stunning white chicken with a slightly flighty temperament, lean build and great egg laying capacity. They are a cross between a white leghorn and an isabrown. The chickens grow to approximately 25cm in height and should live to the ripe old age of 5-7 years. Supplied at around 18 weeks of age and all are vaccinated and wormed.
Buying from City Chicks means you are getting a loved bird. We will show you how to clip their wings and answer any questions you may have about your new family pets.

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