Egg Laying Chicks - Isabrown, Australorp Hybrid or White Leghorn Hybrid BRISBANE

Isabrown chicks arriving 5 MAY - order yours now

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About this Product

Our day-old chicks are sexed at birth so you can be 95% guaranteed of getting little girls. You can choose between the Isabrown brown day old chick, the Australorp Hybrid black day old chick or the White Leghorn Hybrid white babies and all are vaccinated and wormed at birth.

We order in every week so you can be guaranteed of getting day old chicks. The first few days, they are like little puff balls and that is how we want you to see them as well.

Our chicks come from quality breeders and come with a 100% replacement guarantee in case one dies due to natural causes. No pet shop or produce shop will offer that. That is the City Chicks point of difference.

If wanting chicks, you MUST keep them in a heated brooder box for the first 4-6 weeks of their lives. We RENT and SELL Brooder Boxes specifically designed for chicks so you can have a safe, warm place for your little girls to rest, play and grow in.

You will need to get special Chick Starter Crumble for them to eat which looks sort of like granola, a chick drinker, feeder and some wood shavings. These can all be ordered separately from our Online Shop. We even have an Organic Chick feed for use till 14 weeks of age.

After the first 4 weeks, they can venture out into the coop during the day and come back into the box at night. From 6 weeks, they can live outside permanently. 

City Chicks is becoming well known in Australia as being a premium supplier of advice and products. Trust us! We are the egg-sperts!


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