Chicken Paddock Visit - Easter Holidays 2022

Price is $2 per person. Tell us the date you want to come in the comments section at check out.

OUR PRICE: $2.00


About this Product

From Saturday 2 April to Sunday 17 April (excluding Easter Sunday) City Chicks will open its Chicken Paddock only between 9am to 11am daily for visitors to enter and interact with the chickens and turkeys.

What can you do for your $2?

1. Get a cup of feed for the adult chickens and hand feed.

2. Get some baby feed for the teenager chickens in the second paddock and interact with them.

2. Cradle a baby chick while in the paddock while sitting in a chair in the paddock.

3. Play with the spades or trucks there - they are old and very well used!

Bring a coffee, chair, snack or whatever yuo need so you are comforatable while your kids enjoy some old fashioned paddock fun.

Rules - Parents MUST supervise their own children! No chasing, kicking, throwing of play equipment will be tolerated. No entering of coops is allowed. This is a time to simply enjoy nature at its best.

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