Meat Chicks - for eating

Bred specifically for eating as table birds.

OUR PRICE: $8.00


About this Product

Meat chickens are bought by those wanting to have control over their eating. Meat chicks are bought as day olds and should then be fed Organic Chick Starter and Grower until ready to cull. That way you know exactly what is going into the bird you are going to prepare and eat. Other commercial feeds may contain preservatives which may effect the quality of the meat if you are truly wanting the most natural product available.

Meat chickens have been bred to grow fast and have not had any interference with hormones. This practice has now been outlawed in Australia. By 12-16 weeks of age, your meat bird will be ready for culling and will have grown very full drumsticks and a heavy chest.


At busy periods and cooler months, there may be up to a 2 week wait for the babies to arrive. We will stay in contact with you if a delay should occur. They will be worth the wait.

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