Guide to Chicken Keeping E-Book

27 pages of advice about chicken owning.

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About this Product

A useful E-book that can be referred to while getting yourself ready for chicken owning. The E-book is sent to you as a pdf file that can be kept for easy reference or printed and kept in the library. The contents are not produced by City Chicks but we fully support the ideas and information. 

Contents include:

  • Benefits Of Keeping Chickens
  • Building A Chicken Coop For Keeping Chickens
  • Keeping Chicken As Pet
  • Building A Backyard Chicken Coop
  • Building Chicken Nest Boxes
  • Bumble Foot
  • Chicken Feeding Worries
  • Chicken Fencing That Saves You Money
  • Chicken Parasites, Causes And Treatments
  • Chicken Sour Crop, Prevention and Treatment
  • Getting Started: The Pecking Order
  • Keeping Chickens In The City
  • Preventing Chicken From Eating Their Eggs
  • Producing High Quality Chicken Eggs
  • Protecting Chicken From Other Animals
  • The Do-It-Yourself Chicken House
  • Tips On Raising Chickens
  • Keeping Chickens As Pets
  • Keeping Chickens For Egg Production
  • Keeping Chickens For Meat
  • Keeping Chickens Healthy
  • Keeping Chickens – Taking Care of the Chicks
  • Keeping Chickens Warm In Winter
  • Keeping Chickens – What they Need to Survive and Thrive
  • Keeping Chickens: What You Need To Know

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