Coccivet - 50ml - Kills Bacteria

Kills bacterial infections like coccidiosis quickly. Handy for the First Aid box.

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About this Product

This is a convenient liquid Coccidiosis treatment for use in water. Coccidiosis is a common disease of young chicks. The parasite is passed from one bird to another via dropping contamination of food or water. Lethargy, diarrhoea, weight loss and sudden death are all signs of infection with coccidia. As chicks will peck at their own poo and drink contaminated water, they can get sick from this. Young birds are most susceptible and the disease may present in many ways. We notice this as bright red blood in the poo. Coccidiosis is always worse during warm wet conditions. Regular removal of the droppings also helps to reduce the spread of the organism. Coccivet should not be mixed with other products. Coccivet has much better activity against parasites than Sulphur treatments. It is completely safe and very effective and mixes easily in water. Directions: Mix 1.5mL of Coccivet in 1 Litre of water. Remove all other water sources during treatment. Treat all birds continuously for 7 days. Active Constituents: Amprolium 80 g/L, Ethopabate 5.1 g/L    

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