Drinker Cup

Perfect for making your own DIY drinkers.

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About this Product

These nipple cups can be gently screwed into a lid of a softdrink bottle to make your own drinker.

The water slowly flows through the value and will auto fill as the water is consumed.

Great to use to recycle those softdrink bottles.

How to use:

1. Drill a 9mm hole into the middle of the cap.

2. Screw the nipple cup in clockwise so that it is totally threaded. The cup will seal the hole from any leaks.

3. Punch a hole into the top of the water bottle and fill up with the hole covered.

4. Screw the lid with nipple cup on

5. To clean, lightly wipe any residue away with a cloth. A bird's beak can bring dirt which can block the value action if not monitored.

Water level needs to be a maximum of 300-400ml high in the water bottle as the cups are not meant to have more than 20ml in them at any one time.


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