Khaki Campbell Ducklings - Day Olds

Cute little brown ducks making great pets for the family and producing great eggs!

OUR PRICE: $30.00


About this Product

Cute brown coloured day old ducklings - unsexed but are vaccinated. If you end up getting a drake (male duck) they are very friendly and should not attack children or adults. They just waddle and hiss a bit. PROBLEM WITH DUCK FEED: We have notIced that some ducklings react to the high level of protein in the chick starter crumble recommended as duck feed by some breeders. This has caused swelling of the leg joints as the body of the duck can grow too fast for the leg joints. This can cripple the duck.

They live for approx 5-6 years and lay for approx 3 years. They are more seasonal than chickens and may go off the lay for a period between the cooler months of July to Christmas.  

As these are so popular, there may be up to a 4 week wait for the babies to arrive. We will stay in contact with you if a delay should occur. They will be worth the wait.

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