Neem Pest Powder - 500g

Natural pest deterrent when used on the girls or sprinkled on the run.

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About this Product

Gently powder the girls all over their body once a month and you may deter most pests crawling onto the bodies of the chickens. Can also be used in the laying box or run area as a deterrent.

This is a powder alternative to Neem Pet Spray.

Use the powerful ancient benefits of  Neem.  All natural and completely non-toxic to you, your pets and the environment.  We use only the highest quality certified organic Neem seed oil to bring you products we are proud of.

The Neem tree (botanical name Azadirachta Indica au Jus) is native to India/Burma and is often referred to as ‘the village pharmacy’. The word Neem is derived from Sanskirit Nimba which means bestower of good health and for 4,500 years its use has been deeply ingrained in Ayurvedic medicine and agriculture. Modern research has now uncovered the legendary secrets of its effectiveness - its powerful antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral and antiseptic properties. From its roots to its spreading crown, the Neem tree contains a plethora of important compounds useful for animals, people and plants. 

Container holds 500g.

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