Australorp - Black - Female Day Old to One Week Old

Simply stunning pure breed with a distinctive beetle-green sheen on black feathers.

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About this Product

Australorp - Pure Breed - Day Old Chicks.

A magnificant pure black bird with pure black eyes. The Australorp was developed as a utility breed in Australia in the 1920's from the Black Orpington primarily for egg production rather than for it's meat. They are excellent layers of tinted eggs and hold the world record for egg production as a hen of the breed laid 364 eggs in 365 days! The feathers of the black birds have a wonderful beetle-green sheen and they have prominent black eyes.

It is an active breed and they are fast growers. They make good pets as they are calm and friendly birds although they are a little heavy for young children to pick up. They will happily live in runs but they do enjoy being allowed to free range. They aren't good fliers so fencing doesn't need to be particularly high. They are also very hardy and will stand cold weather well.
The Australorp also has large, expressive, black eyes which are considered one of their most endearing attributes. The Australorp is often bred with Isabrowns or Loman Browns to produce a very tame backyard chicken which has scattered, rust coloured feathers appearing on their chests.         

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