Muscovy Ducklings - Day Olds

Terrific waddlers and great for catching flies! ONLY AVAIL SOME TIMES OF THE YEAR.

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About this Product

Available as day old unsexed ducklings only during the Spring and Summer months. If you are looking for a duck that is easy to care for, resists disease and controls flies at the same time, then Muscovy ducks are a good choice for you. They are healthy and hardy and forage well for their own food. And they do a great job controlling flies. You can tell a Muscovy duck from other types of ducks because Muscovies have large patches of puffy red skin around their eyes and over their bill. Muscovies can be white, greenish black, chocolate, or blue, or a combination of these colours. PROBLEM WITH DUCK FEED: We have notIced that some ducklings react to the high level of protein in the chick starter crumble recommended as duck feed by some breeders. This has caused swelling of the leg joints as the body of the duck can grow too fast for the leg joints. This can cripple the duck. Instead we recommend our DUCK FEED - a mixture of natural grains and sold in 5kg bags. The protein is lower and perfect for ducks of all ages. See our FEED section for ordering. Insect control Muscovy ducks control flies and other insects the natural way. They are particularly helpful controlling flies, grasshoppers and locusts. In one experiment where two year old Muscovy ducks were put in cow pens, the fly population was reduced by 80 to 90 percent. Care Muscovy ducks are easy to care for. They don't need a pond nearby; just make sure they have clean water to drink. The ducklings should not get wet or go swimming until they are at least three weeks old and have feathers. So during this time, keep them away from streams and ponds in a small area with plenty of green weeds, grass, and insects. Leave small dishes of water for the ducklings for drinking and for cleaning out the breathing holes on their bill. Make sure the water in the dishes isn't too deep so the ducklings don't drown.Muscovies eat grass and other vegetation. They can forage for all their own food. However, they grow much faster if you give them extra protein foods for the first two to three weeks. You can use chick starter, cooked eggs chopped into small pieces, or cooked soybean meal. You can also feed them kitchen waste.Muscovy ducks are great mothers and do a good job raising their young. Don't worry if the Muscovy seems to be sitting on the eggs a long time. Muscovies take longer to hatch than other poultry. A Muscovy egg takes 33 - 35 days to hatch. A chicken, for example, hatches in 21 days.Muscovies will lay up to 80 eggs a year and hatch about four sets of ducklings if they get lots of high protein feed. If the ducks forage for all their own food they will lay fewer eggs, probably 20 to 30 eggs a year, and hatch one or two batches of ducklings. Nest boxes You can make simple nest boxes to put in the duck pen or around the house. If predators are a problem the nest boxes should be in a protected place, such as a shed that can be closed at night. A simple nest requires dried grass or other soft material and shelter from rain. The duck will be more likely to lay her eggs in the nest box if it is dark inside. Use wooden crates or metal buckets turned on their sides as nest boxes. Or tie bundles or thatch grass together at oneMuscovy ducks feed on the roots, stems, leaves, and seeds of aquatic and terrestrial plants, including agricultural crops. They also eat small fishes, reptiles, crustaceans, insects, millipedes, and termites. Ducklings are unsexed but they are vaccinated.

The ducklings must be ordered by Friday to arrive the following Tuesday. Collection is from us at City Chicks. At busy periods and cooler months, there may be up to a 2 week wait for the babies to arrive. We will stay in contact with you if a delay should occur. They will be worth the wait.

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