New Hampshire - Young Hens

Gorgeous brown hens with gentle, settled nature. Great for kids.

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About this Product

The New Hampshire looks similar to an Isabrown but has a darker tail and is more full bodied pure breed favourite for children. The New Hampshire Red Chicken takes its name from the State of New Hampshire in the U.S which neighbours the State of Rhode Island that developed the well known Rhode Island Red (RIR).

During the 1920's, many American farms raised them and during the 1930's the New Hampshire reached the U.K. They were used as a commercial bird by a handful of farms but the Rhode was more popular being used after the war as a hybrid cross with the Light Sussex. Along with a few other breeds (like the Plymouth Rock / Amrock, they were introduced into Germany as part of the post war reconstruction efforts.

The New Hampshire is distinctly different in both colour and type to the Rhode Island Red  being lighter in colour with a dark brown tail. They have agentle loving nature and produce up to 250 eggs a year, will go broody for a short period and will live for approx 7-10 years. 

This is a popular bird for families wanting a lovely natured, non jumping bird.

Please note that City Chick sell their pure breeds at an age from 8 weeks to 16 weeks depending on demand. We interpret the term 'Young Hen' as a pullet under 12 months of age and use the wording so as not to confuse clients who do not understand the term - pullet. The birds are sold at this age as they are perfectly suited to growing with your family and based on demand.

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