Nipple Drinker - Screw In

5cm in length. Screw in to drinker.

OUR PRICE: $2.50


About this Product

A lovely quality nipple drinker. The metal drinker part is pushed by the chicken when drinking to release the water supply. The nipple drinker has a rubber O ring to make sure no water leaks. This is a better quality nipple drinker compared to cheapies that leak and bust. Great for the DIY drinker and stops the spread of bacteria as the birds cannot dip their beaks into the water. This screw in style chicken water nipple sold individually.Create your own custom sanitary waterer from PVC or plastic containers Each nipple has a 360 degree stainless steel nipple that will work from any angle. Simply drill a 5/16 inch hole in bottom of container or PVC pipe, use a little silicone or pipe thread tape to make water tight and screw nipple in It is recommended to use one nipple for every 3 chickens.

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