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The Media loves City Chicks!

We have been featured in The Courier Mail, Sunday Mail, Urban Pets, Quest newspapers, BMag, ABC Radio, Totally Wild, Gardening Aust magazine, Organic Gardener, msn MONEY magazine, Sunday Telegraph, 'G' magazine, Great South East Ch 7, Sunshine Coast news, THAT'S LIFE magazine, Ch 10 news, ABC News, 4BC radio, Ch 7 Sunrise show & so many other places....

Contact us on 0435226912 or enquiries@citychicks.com.au

Where are we?

We are a pet chicken farm with an attached shop in the beautiful Samford Valley with heaps of parking. We are open to the public 7 days a week. Please come over and visit us. You will love our backyard chickens, heritage chickens, bantam chickens & egg layers. We proudly operate in a totally free range set up. 

Why Get a City Chicks Girl?

  • Our girls are raised in small mixed breed flocks & are FREE RANGE all day - no cages or small breeding pens!!
  • Our ladies are lovely natured and most are handled
  • We offer a PERSONAL chicken buying experience. No more line ups at the Produce Store choosing from a flock of 200.
  • Collect from us to have a City Chicks experience. Watch as we show you how to clip flight feathers and recommend the right products for your lifestyle at our home store
  • We guarantee our girls to be loving additions to your family and if you have a problem or issue, we will act promptly
  • We deliver our products Australia wide (except live birds and grain), so everyone can be touched by a little City Chicks magic

What Areas Do We Service?

  • All areas in Australia with couriers and Aust Post -except live birds & grain
  • We service Brisbane, Gold Coast and Toowoomba areas with grain and other poultry items. Live birds will need to be collected.

What Do We Supply?

  • Quality feed, straw, grit, feeders, drinkers, natural & chemical health care needs, containers, novelty items, dummy eggs & great books
  • Australia's LARGEST range of gorgeous hybrid chickens, day old chicks, exotic pure breeds and bantams as well as cute ducklings, guinea fowl, quail and turkey poults.

What If We Already Have Chickens?

  • Try our Home Delivery service. Don't get the back of the car filthy with straw and grain. Our local courier service can deliver your feed needs promptly to your door.

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