Heritage Breeds

The breeds here listed are not in stock daily. Stock arriving every 3 weeks! But - chickens get sold very very quickly. if looking for particular breeds - order ahead of time!
City Chicks hatchery produces a large variety of heritage hens. The pure breed hens are raised together in large flocks so you can choose your own combination of backyard chicken beauties without pecking order issues. Our heritage chooks begin laying from 7-9 months of age & will stop after 4-5 years of laying.

All of our laying hens are vaccinated against Mareks Disease, Fowl Pox, Coryza & Mycoplasma. Most pure breed chooks will go broody and stop laying throughout parts of year.

Please contact us before ordering to check we still have your breed. We sell many chickens daily through our stores and do not want to disappoint. 

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