Pestene Lice & Mite Powder - 500g

A simple to use lice, flea and mite treatment. Essential to stop the itching and scratching in the birds.

OUR PRICE: $39.00


About this Product

PESTENE is a powder used to get rid of lice, fleas and mites from the chickens and their laying area. Use liberally once a season or weekly if an infestation is obvious.Sprinkle through the feathers, under the wings, around the neck, breast and vent areas and around the laying box. That should get rid of the nasties! Use with Avitrol Plus wormer to kill almost anything the birds come into contact with! For a natural alternative, try the Diatomaceous Earth powder the same way as the Pestene. It worksd really well and is all natural. Find it in the Natural Remedies category.

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