Diatomaceous Earth - Animal use 2kg

100% pure & natural

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About this Product

Our Ancient Earth is a new Australian company that loves the health benefits of Diatomaceous Earth. The USA has fully embraced the natural qualities of this ancient powder product and Australia and New Zealand are now catching up.

Please note that DE from a freshwater origin DOES NOT cause silicosis. DE from other sources does. Our DE IS from freshwater origin so no issues with that.

Got smells in the pet area?

Moisture Issues?

Other issues?

Want to try something non chemical?

Then give DE a go! You'll be chuffed at how cheap it is.


What is This Stuff?

Diatomaceous Earth has an organic origin coming from fossilized remains under ancient freshwater lakes that are now dried up. It is plant based, 100% pure & natural, is a raw wholefood and is proudly Australian.

It sounds quite weird when explaining how it was formed as it is actually fossilized algae that has remained untouched under these ancient freshwater lakes. 


It has: 

Up to  96% silica 

No fats

No carbohydrates

Small percentages of sodium, protein, iron, calcium, magnesium and other trace elements. We have the Nutrition breakdown on the back of the packet for you.


The fossil flour/powder has up to 96% silica. Silica helps promote 'mineral balance between calcium and magnesium within a body. This balance helps with hormone balance and hormonal imbalances which can lead to osteoporosis' (www.victoriahealth.com) - 

We are lucky in Australia to have a few deposits of this amazing product.


How Do We Use it With Pets? It has 100's of uses with pets, animals & livestock of all sizes.


1. Add to their FEED as an aid

2. Add to the kennel, sleeping area, chicken coop, stable, dust bath.

3. Helps by dessication.

4. Its preservative free & non toxic.

Please note that this DE is for animal use only and NOT for human consumption. Also, it is recommended to use a dust mask when handling as it can let up powder in the air when handling it.

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