Diatomaceous Earth - 200g Human Food Grade

100% Good gut health

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About this Product

Our Ancient Earth is a new Australian company that loves the health benefits of Diatomaceous Earth.

The USA has fully embraced the natural health qualities of this ancient earth product and Australia and New Zealand are now catching up.

What is This Stuff?

Diatomaceous Earth has an organic origin coming from fossilized remains under ancient freshwater lakes. It is plant based and is a raw wholefood. It sounds quite weird when explaining how it was created as it is actually fossilized algae that has remained untouched under these now dried up ancient freshwater lakes. The fossil powder has up to 96% silica. Silica helps promote 'mineral balance between calcium and magnesium within the body. This balance helps with hormonal balance and hormonal imbalances can lead to osteoporosis' and other auto immune issues. (www.victoriahealth.com - editorial)

We are lucky in Australia to have a few deposits of this amazing product.


How Do We Take it?


You MUST buy Human Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth like we sell at Our Ancient Earth. There are lots of DE brands on the market for the home, pets and garden but you must check that it is Human Food Grade. This has been specially treated to remove any naturally occurring bacteria and pathogens before we consume it.


Start with a 1/5 of a teaspoon in 250ml of water, tea, coffee, add to cereal ...anyway you can get it into your tummy! The first few days clients have felt a bit of an unsettled feeling in their tummy. This can be because the DE acts like a broom sweeping through the digestive tract cleaning out build ups, toxins and waste that has been accumulating in the digestive tract. The action also can keep your colon clean and strong. You can slowly build up to taking 5-6 grams a day which is supported by the USA FDA and Food Safety Australia & New Zealand. We spoke to them here in Oz to check! Remember though, that any more than that can start to not help you.


Who Can Take it?

As recommended, if you have existing health concerns, are pregnant or under 16 years of age, always seek medical advice before taking. Otherwise, anyone else can consume Diatomaceous Earth as long as it is a Human Food Grade and not the cheaper general DE.




I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis of the skin with lesions appearing on the skin on my arms. I started with 1/5 teasp and have built up to a tablespoon a morning with water. Over 6 months, the lesions have gone down. My only change in diet was taking DE. Ingrid - the owner of Our Ancient Earth.


When using it on my skin as a mask, I found my skin much smoother than before as it helps remove dead skin cells polluted by toxins. Michelle Brisbane


I started taking DE in water every morning 3 months ago and really see the difference in the thickness of my hair and nails. I love it. Tania Karana Downs


Our Ancient Earth asked me to trial their product as I was feeling bloated. It made me feel lighter and better. Sue Brookfield.


How Else Can I Use this Stuff?


Diatomaceous Earth can also be used as feed supplements for all of your pets, livestock, as it adds silica and precious minerals to their diet. It can be used to break the breeding cycles of ants, flies, cockroaches, to stop garden pets naturally and as an odour and moisture absorber, oven cleaner etc. We sell larger bags of DE for these uses on ebay.

Try it. Its affordable and 100% natural.

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