Ancona - Female Day Old to one week old

A delightful egg layer with speckled plumage. Sexed and vaccinated.

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About this Product

The Ancona is a breed of chicken originating in, and named after Ancona, Italy. This is a new pure breed we are able to offer at City Chicks.

The Ancona is noted for its ability to produce white or sometimes tinted eggs, which are sometimes small in size. It is considered an excellent layer, as it lays an average of five eggs a week.

The Ancona's plumage is a mottled black with white speckles that tip the feathers. Its dark plumage makes it harder for predators to see, and often has a green or purple tint. It is a Mediterranean breed, which refers to its point of origin. Like other Mediterranean breeds, they are closely feathered.

Our Anconas have a single comb. This breed has four toes on each foot, no feathering on its legs, and does not possess a crest. The Ancona lays 160 to 180 eggs a year.

These look magnificent in the yard with your other ladies. Why not support the rare breeds and buy something really pretty and fun.

We do need to add that they can be a little flighty as chicks so will flap around the brooder more so then other more docile breeds.

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