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Araucanas lay the famous BLUE easter eggs.

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About this Product

The araucana is so hard to find. These are considered the rolls royce of the colourful egg layers. Some chickens give you speckled eggs, some dark brown, some white - these lay blue tinted eggs which are really cool. Araucanas originally came from America. Ours are slightly different to these original Americanas, and normally come in a range of colours. To get the blue eggs, you should try for the lavender colour which is also the rarest colour to get. Araucanas are a little flighty. They will settle but if you are wanting a calm friendly family pet, these will need a little bit of work. Saying that, we have many clients with araucanas that happily sit on their owner's shoulders.

Hand raised with love makes a calm loving pet. They are a medium sized bird with a sleek slim design.

Please note that City Chick sell their pure breeds at an age from 8 weeks to 16 weeks depending on demand. We interpret the term 'Young Hen' as a pullet under 12 months of age and use the wording so as not to confuse clients who do not understand the term - pullet. The birds are sold at this age as they are perfectly suited to growing with your family and based on demand.

Please call or email to confirm availability. These are incredibly high in demand. Our main season is from September to May when the chickens are laying well.

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