Rhode Island Red - Female Day Old to One Week Old

Regal dark red colouring on these magnificant looking birds.

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About this Product

Rhode Island Red - Pure Breed - They are a regal dark red coloured bird with yellow legs. These birds emerged in the 1890's in the Boston-Massachusetts- Rhode Island area of the USA, mainly to fill a need for a dual purpose fowl - a good layer as well as good on the table.

Rhode Island Reds have rich, dark, red-brown plumage and have yellow legs, yellow eyes and yellow skin. The hens tend to be docile and make good sitters of eggs. Owners say the Rhode Island Red lays about 280 eggs a year most of which are brown in colour.

These birds have the reputation of being one of the hardiest breeds. While they live for around 7-10 years, hens may well lay for around 5 of these.

The Rhode Island Red was originally an American bird bred for it's beautiful rich coloured plumage and tremendous egg laying capacity. It is often crossbred with a white leghorn or sussex to produce an even better family friendly pet chicken.

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