Sussex - Light - Female Day Old to One Week Old

What a colour difference for your flock!

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About this Product

The Light Sussex chicken is an alert, docile bird that can adapt to any surroundings and are comfortable in both free range or confined spaces.

They are good foragers and make beautiful looking pets. They were bred to be a dual purpose bird and is one of the most productive breeds of poultry.

They lay large eggs that are cream to light brown in colour. A person owning a member of this breed should expect approximately 240 to 260 eggs a year, with the light and white varieties the best choice for layers.

Beautiful light sussex. We describe them as stunning white with a decorative black lace necklace. Available as day old chicks pretty well all year round. Good layers however will go off the lay in the cooler months. They grow to be a little bigger size than a regular backyard chicken and as you are raising from birth, they will mix with other chicks you may select.

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