Plymouth Rock (Double Barred) - Female Day Old to One Week Old

Stunning chickens with black & white speckled feathers. Add some quality to your stock.

OUR PRICE: $39.00


About this Product

The Plymouth Rock is barred (black/white stripes) The breed became popular very rapidly. Its popularity came from its qualities as an outstanding farm chicken: hardiness, docility, broodiness, and excellent production of both eggs and meat. Plymouth Rocks are a good general backyard chicken. They are docile, normally will show broodiness in Spring, possess a long, broad back, a moderately deep, full breast and a single comb of moderate size. They usually make good mothers. Plymouth Rocks are not aggressive at all, and tame quite easily. These are just beautiful chickens. They will go broody and go off the lay as pure breeds do, but if you are looking for a really classy chook, this is the one for you. They are the size of a regular backyard chicken when fully grown. If buying with other breeds, they will grow up together and be friends. Support the Rare Breeds and purchase a Plymouth Rock .   

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