Silkies - Day Old Chicks back in Spring

Unsexed but so cute! We will take back any boys free of charge.

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About this Product

Silkies for sale. They come in assorted colours. we only have a small supply so please call before ordering to check how long the babies will take to arrive onsite.

The birds are vaccinated and are sold as unsexed day old chicks.  We will take back any boys free of charge to rehome.
Standard Silkies are mid-sized chickens and weigh around 1.5kg to 2kg and have an average lifespan of 8 to 9 years. They are one of the most compliant and docile animals ever born and despite their soft delicate appearance are reasonably robust. The birds can be tamed and are often regarded by their owners as a real pet. Combine this with their curious, delicate appearance and one can see why this bird is often an appealing choice for the novice or child.

All birds should be checked regularly for lice and should have access to a dust bath. Silkies, their pens and nest boxes can be treated for lice each month during the warmer seasons and every two months during the cooler seasons. Most pelleted food is too coarse for these small fowl.

Silkies should be fed on laying mash, depending on their age. Greens (grasses) are essential and if the fowl cannot run on grass, acceptable alternatives include cabbage or a little lettuce. Breeders say to expect an average of 90 to 120 eggs per year. 

Available unsexed yet vaccinated as young chicks.

Allow 2 to 3 square metres of coop space per pair. The Silkie's feather structure prevents the bird from being able to fly, so perches and nesting boxes should be low and easy to reach. The fowls can be housed on bare earth although shavings and deep litter is preferable to prevent damage to the feathers from rough, muddy conditions.

Silkies make excellent backyard and pet fowl. While not prolific layers, up to 6 hens are adequate for a small family although the eggs are small, around 40 grams.
Silkies are an ideal bird to introduce the novice and child to poultry keeping and pet care. They are suitable for children aged from around 6 years, though don't let the kids chase the birds around too much, it stresses the chooks and they can be easily hurt if trodden on.

All chicks are vaccinated against mareks and Fowl Pox and sold as unsexed chicks.

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