Dineachook - Feeder & Drinker Duo RAIN GUARD MODEL!

UV treated for a long life. Holds 3kg of feed & 4L of water. Save time & space with this Aussie made set.

OUR PRICE: $115.00


About this Product

Hooray!! We have found something essential for backyard chook owners and ...it is so simple to use! These unique drinkers and feeders overcome many of the common problems found with so many cheap imported poultry feeders and drinkers. These are proudly made locally and are terrific quality made from strong and durable PVC materials.

1. Feederwith Rain Guard- holds approx 3kg of grain and is 50cm tall

The feeders overcome the common problem of feed wastage from chickens that love to scratch all their feed onto the ground in search of the tastiest piece of grain! This then invites all of your unwanted guests - the scrub turkeys...crows...wild birds...mice and rats....to come in and feast leaving a trail of lice, bacteria laden poo deposits and for your eggs to potentially be stolen.

The uniquely designed tray that forms part of the feeder, has special divisions which discourage the chickens from 'raking' the grain from the feed tray and onto the ground. Many dollars are saved using this type of feeder. The top has a weather proof lid to stop the rain from entering. The feeder also comes with a rain guard to stop water getting into the tube effecting the grain.

Please note that occasionally grain will get stuck in the L bend so with a gentle tap, the feed will spill through.

2. Drinker - holds approx 4 litres of water and is 50cm tall

These drinkers overcome the problems of evaporation, spillage and soiled water. The drinker incorporates a professional valve operated drinker cup (used by poultry experts) that only allows a small amount of water in the red cup at any one time. When the chickens come to drink, they naturally move the yellow 'tongue' with their beaks which brings more water into the cup. There is a lid that fits firmly over the top stopping any evaporation or spillage.

With traditional imported plastic drinkers, you regularly had to change the water, as the chickens scratched dirt into it and pooed into it from the most amazing angles. Like us, chickens need a fresh and constant supply of clean water.

The drinker and feeders are also:
• UV resistant - won't heat up like metal containers or degrade easily like cheap imported plastic ones
• Rear hooks - these simply hook onto the mesh of the coop, making cleaning and filling easy. We supply a set of D shackles for Qld clients as the suggested gauge wire is approx 1.2cm for snake proof coop wire. The D shackles will allow the hooks to hold onto the smaller holes. Filling is much easier than the regular imported hanging feeders. Pls order separately if needed.
• Slim-line, compact design - a big advantage is that these products take up VERY little room in a coop. For those people with a smaller coop, maximizing space is a key concern.

  • Feeder now comes with Rain Guard to stop rain from getting in and spoiling feed.

Please note: Qld folk should order 2 x D shackles as an option for their duo kit as the snake proof wire does not allow the hooks to hang from it.

All other areas: No D shackles are required and the hooks will fit neatly through the holes of most wire used larger than 1.2cm diameter.

Testimonials: Wow, they looked good in the photos but when we got a set, they really proved that locally made means quality. Another great product City Chicks! - Tim K (Wilston)

We only have a small coop so the set works really well. Very well made and look great. Thanks. - Julie P (Gold Coast)

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