Leghorn - BLUE - Female Day Old to One Week Old

Beautiful lavender blue feathers.

OUR PRICE: $39.00


About this Product

The Blue Leghorn Chicken is the third most popular breed of the prolific egg laying Leghorn Chicken, the most popular commercial strain of white egg layers in the entire world. The Blue Leghorn is normally selected because of the beautiful lavender blue colouring, its long flowing tail feathers, and it's single comb.

The Leghorn Chicken originated in Italy and was first brought to North America in the 1850s under the name Italian chickens. They name Leghorn came from a mispronunciation of the sea in which they were frequently transported through called the Ligurian Sea. Leghorn Chickens will lay an astounding number of large white eggs per year. Leghorns enjoy free range environments, but they are adaptable to confined living as well. The Leghorn is a vocal and active bird as well as an excellent forager, and they can often be flighty however with tenderness they settle well.

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